Marty Stallone

Marty Stallone is the executive vice president of land development at MDG Metropolitan Development Group). His knowledge in business finance makes him a most sought out speaker for the conferences and seminars that are sponsored by professional organizations. An Ivy League student, Stallone graduated from Cornell University as a National Merit Scholar. After graduation, he got his first job. He served as vice president at Meridian Capital Markets, specializing in corporate and municipal finance. He is a member of four groups that include Chi Psi Fraternity, Ivy League Alumni, Alumini of the Ivy League, and Cornell University.

Stallone is not just all work, he is also an avid basketball player and football fan. Stallone serves on the boards of both the Wyomissing Football Association and the Cornell Football Foundation. Marty Stallone made Hall of Fame in high school from 1980-1982. He was Senior Captain and All-County passer in 1981 and 1982. Marty Stallone is the assistant coach of the Wyomissing Area High School basketball program.

Marty Stallone is married to Terri Stallone where he lives in the Wyomissing area with their two children, Jolie and Wade.

1.Q: Where did you attend high school?

A: I attended Wyomissing Area High School, class of 1983. This is the same the same school my children attend.

2.Q: How many years of experience in the workforce have you had?

A: I have 20 years if professional experience.

3.Q: What did you do before you worked for MDG?

A: I specialized in the structuring of complex capital finances transactions at various non-profit organizations, business corporations, and government entities. I also founded Hamilton Consulting and Meridian Capital Markets where I also served as president. Up until April 2015, I was managing director for a company called Image.

4.Q: Are you related to the famous actor, producer, director Sylvester Stallone?

A: No. I had it confirmed on

5.Q: Besides sports, do you have any other pastimes?

A: I like to play video games on X-Box360 and ps3.

6.Q: What are your favorite games?

A: Some of my favorite games are The Xbox 360 And The Purple Ring Of Demise-How And Why It Happens, Portal 2, Skyrim Prime A Thrilling Yr In Games, Impression: Prince Of Persia On Xbox 360.

7.Q: What was your favorite subject in elementary school?

A: I think mathematics was my favorite subject.

8.Q: What did you want to be when you grew up?

A: I wanted a career that had something to do with mathematics and finance.

9.Q. Are you a member of social media?

A: Of course. I am on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

10Q. What are your favorite musical group, television show, and motion picture?

A: My favorite movie is A Beautiful Mind. My favorite musical group is Clueso, and my favorite television show is Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

John Ross Jesensky Praises Lake Tahoe Music Community


lake tahoe photoAs a dedicated musician, John Ross Jesensky understands just how powerful a community of musicians can be when they band together and unite under a common and important cause. This unique trait among musicians was evident recently when a favorite son of the Lake Tahoe community had to undergo surgery to repair a leaking aorta in his heart, which spurred those musicians who knew him, played with him or had merely heard of him to hold a benefit concert in his honor.

Perhaps the most powerful moment came when the musician for whom the benefit was held, Peter Joseph Burtt, defied the orders of his doctors to perform on stage and continue to do what he loved to do most by singing for the crowd gathered to offer their support. While that performance taxed his body quite a bit so soon after surgery, Burtt is now back to playing regularly and his band even has a new album scheduled to be released in the near future. As Jesensky points out, the support of the music community is incredibly strong and is always worthy of praise.

Dr. Sid Solomon Recounts Taking the Scenic Route to Lake Tahoe

It was many years ago, but Dr. Sid Solomon is still able to recall seeking just about any excuse to take a scenic drive up north on US Highway 1, following the plunging coastline of the Pacific Ocean and driving through the dense canopies created by massive redwood trees along the way. So when some friends suggested a trip up to Lake Tahoe for a long weekend, Dr. Solomon decided to jump at the opportunity to take the time-consuming scenic route on the way there.

According to Dr. Solomon, the scenery along the coastal highway was everything he imagined it would be and more, and the doctor made a few brief stops along the way, including one at Big Sur in which he was able to take a quick nap beneath a redwood tree that seemed to be growing even larger right before his eyes. Of course, the trip to Lake Tahoe took far longer for Dr. Solomon than it did the others, all of whom had long since settled in at the cabin in Lake Tahoe where they would all stay for the weekend.

While those extra hours spent getting there led to quite a bit of playful teasing at Dr. Solomon’s expense, the doctor so thoroughly enjoyed the lengthy route that he has, on occasion, taken the scenic route on subsequent trips to destinations that include Lake Tahoe as well as a number of other points that happen to be north of Los Angeles.

You can find out more on his LinkedIn page.

Skiers Heading to Lake Tahoe Can Expect Ideal Conditions and Affordable Options

With so many resorts surrounding Lake Tahoe, skiers and snowboarders alike are always thrilled to head to the idyllic locale for some snow-centered recreation. While the conditions tend to be consistently outstanding for winter sports of all kinds, the expected impact of El Nino should yield the kind of conditions that skiers and snowboarders are usually only able to dream of. Perhaps the most exciting aspect about the expected conditions is the fact that the wealth of Lake Tahoe ski resort options ensure that rates rarely become cost-prohibitive even under the most ideal seasonal conditions.

Skiers and snowboarders tend to be categorized as thrill-seekers who are willing to go to great lengths to experience things that would give most people a great deal of pause. Though it does seem to be accurate to say that these individuals are a lot like Ken Fisher in the way they think differently and share a tendency to perceive the world in a uniquely positive way, it is also true that skiers and snowboarders come from all walks of life and simply defy categorization. This is obviously a good thing, as it seems more realistic to say that, aside from skiing and snowboarding, the most commonly shared characteristic is a strong sense of individuality.

As the winter brings the kind of conditions that excite avid snowboarders and skiers, Lake Tahoe’s resorts will have to begin to prepare for a major influx of visitors to the area. Of course, it is not just the resorts that enjoy the presence of so many newcomers, as the locals have always welcomed visitors and often join them on the slopes during peak conditions. Even when the resorts all seem to be at full capacity, Lake Tahoe has maintained a reputation for providing an enjoyable atmosphere in which everyone is able to get the most out of their respective lift passes.

Stephen E. Smith Lawsuit Wins The Lake Tahoe Case!

A lawsuit for a pollution violation was put to rest by Mr. Smith of Stephen E. Smith Lawsuit in California. Lake Tahoe annually holds one of the biggest firework shows in the state and it’s a matter  of pollution and environmental health that has been buzzing people’s concerns for years until it was finally taken to court.

The plaintiffs argued the ones responsible for the fireworks were in violation to the federal act over 520 times for at least 4 years. The plaintiffs say they have been littering the lake with used fireworks, but of course, the defendants have firepower of their own besides fireworks.

The defendants have called upon the services of Stephen E Smith Lawsuit who has a high reputation of settling the score. Within a few hours, Smith walked out a successful attorney as the judge ruled in favor of the defendants. No evidence, at least not enough of it, could be found to support the plaintiffs argument.

Lake Tahoe Offers Ideal Mix of Activities for Any Vacation

One of the most difficult aspects of vacation planning is choosing a destination that considers all of the unique interests of the group. This is especially true of family vacations, as it is difficult to find a place that is ideal for children, teenagers and adults. Lake Tahoe, however, features the kind of destination versatility that makes it an outstanding choice for any group of travelers.

Nature enthusiasts travel to Lake Tahoe to enjoy the beautiful freshwater lake, the rich wildlife and the natural wonder that is the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. There are plenty of activities for those who enjoy nature, as it is possible to canoe and kayak on the lake in the morning and still have time to hike in the mountains in the afternoon. Vacationers have the option of camping out or taking advantage of more traditional accommodations, which gives travelers plenty of options with regard to overnight planning.

Families who enjoy skiing routinely flock to Lake Tahoe for the excellent slopes available throughout the ski season, and there is plenty of nightlife and entertainment in the area for those who are traveling without kids. Different seasons bring different activities, and there are sizable events going on throughout the area at any time of year. The TIE Institute Trading recently noted that Lake Tahoe is one of the most unique destinations in the United States, and it is indeed rare that a destination such as this is able to offer such a vast array of vacation-worthy activities.

Tahoe and Bust

images (47) images (46)If you want to make money on slots don’t plan to do so at the Tahoe Casinos.  I have gone bust so many tomes I cant count.  If you really enjoy playing like I do then the losing is just the price of admission.  Its all about the glitz and glamor of the casino and the occasional show.  We all know the shows are just an excuse to gamble some more.  The casinos know this as well.  I can remember playing nickel slots all night long.  My fingers would get black from the nickels.  Not any more.  Joe Olujic’s interview was a real interesting look at Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe Casino Action

Don’t come to Tahoe Casinos without some gambling money.  You have been warned.  The game actin is great fun and the winnings will be even more.  I know that it is not a good investment but it always entertains.  My wife will literally gamble round the clock if she is still winning.  If the money runs out so will she.  I think the casinosimages52CTYXSHimagesODI7JSPEimagesUZA8RNJM count on you playing their pay outs right back into the slots.  The other gambling games are boring to me. Black Jack is kind of slow and the roulette tables are even worse says Home for Life .  If you have the bug to gamble you could do a lot worse than gambling in Lake Tahoe Nevada.

Lake Tahoe, Heaven on Earth

untitled (220) images (19)If there was a heaven on this earth it would look like Lake Tahoe Nevada.  This is the most beautiful lake you can imagine.  The lake is very deep and the area is heavily wooded.  The elevation lends to frequent snow during the winter months.  If you enjoy the slots then this area will be a good choice for you this vacation.  Although much smaller that Las Vegas the casinos are nice and the area is much nicer.  Luke Weil was a resident and can share the same opinion of the area. If you find yourself in the mood to gamble you cant do better than Lake Tahoe.

Live at Lake Tahoe

Tahoe_North_Shore_from_the_East_ShoreIf you have a few million to spend on a home, Lake Tahoe may be a good choice.  The views are not cheap but what is?  The area is to die for.  Skiing and gambling are just the beginning.  The lake is beautiful and if you can stand colder water boating and swimming can be enjoyed.  I have spent some time at the lake and you cant beat it for beauty.  The rocky shores are amazing.  The casinos light up the ripples in the water at night making it magical.  Art Falcone can be the man in this area. Just take that chance and Lake Tahoe will not disappoint you.