California Drought Bringing Unexpected Benefit to Lake Tahoe

As if Lake Tahoe was in need of any more reasons to attract visitors, it appears that even the drought plaguing California could not succeed in serving as a deterrent. Environmentalists have been trying to clear up some of the pollutants that have flowed into to the lake in recent years, and it seems that the drought has helped in this regard.

According to a recent study, the clarity of the water is now at its highest level since 2002. The drought has brought limited precipitation, which has in turn limited the amount of pollutants able to flow into the lake. According to Luke Weil, this is a very welcome development.

Weil, a frequent visitor to the area and a recreation enthusiast, has noted that summer is a great time for water-oriented activities on the lake. The crystal-blue waters only make those activities all the more enjoyable, and, of course, there is the environmental benefit to consider as well.

Weil noted that there is enough concern over pollutants and contaminants in bodies of water that people are starting to avoid those with levels that are beyond a certain limit. While the drought has certainly brought a great deal of problems to California, the fact that it has helped improve the water quality of Lake Tahoe is a welcome surprise.

According to Weil, residents of the Lake Tahoe area would greatly prefer the drought to come to an end, just as they would prefer an end to the use of the products that caused the pollution in the first place.

Sugar Bowl’s Rob Kautz to Retire

After working for over 40 years at Arthur Falcone’s favorite Nevada resortSugar Bowl Resort, and enjoying one of the longest careers in Lake Tahoe history. Rob Kautz, the Present CEO of Resort, has announced his plans to retire. He will be acting on his current Position until he finds and trains a replacement to work at the Resort. Kautz also plans to remain on the Corporation’s Board of Directors.

Rob Kautz has started skiing at the Sugar Bowl at the young age of 19. A surfer from Southern California, he was hired to work at the bowl as a Ski Patroller right after college back in 1976. Over the years, he became the Director of Sugar Bowl’s Ski Patrol Tam and Mountain Manager. He took over as the CEO in 1987.

The Sugar Bowl CEO is working close with and supported by Resort’s senior management and ownership group. He is supported by his spearheaded expansion plans of the resorts including the improvement of Chairlift system. When completed, it will revitalize the real estate of the only Snowbound Village in the nation. Formerly, Rob Kautz also led and executed the plans of building Mt. Judah Day Lodge and Parking area. These plans were followed by a New Ski Academy Campus with the Sporthaus.

Recently in 2012, The Sugar Bowl Resort took over the ownership and operations of the Royal Gorge, which is better known as North America’s Largest Cross Country Ski Resort. At this event, Kautz said, “Royal Gorge is such as jewel and a great match for Sugar Bowl. It is Essential to our brand” Taking the Reins at Sugar Bowl, Kautz executed with a Delicate Balancing Act and reshaped the resort into the State of Art Ski Area the world knows it today. While the Resort embraced importance changes, it remained true to its roots of Authentic Ski First Mountain.