Tahoe and Bust

images (47) images (46)If you want to make money on slots don’t plan to do so at the Tahoe Casinos.  I have gone bust so many tomes I cant count.  If you really enjoy playing like I do then the losing is just the price of admission.  Its all about the glitz and glamor of the casino and the occasional show.  We all know the shows are just an excuse to gamble some more.  The casinos know this as well.  I can remember playing nickel slots all night long.  My fingers would get black from the nickels.  Not any more.  Joe Olujic’s interview was a real interesting look at Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe Casino Action

Don’t come to Tahoe Casinos without some gambling money.  You have been warned.  The game actin is great fun and the winnings will be even more.  I know that it is not a good investment but it always entertains.  My wife will literally gamble round the clock if she is still winning.  If the money runs out so will she.  I think the casinosimages52CTYXSHimagesODI7JSPEimagesUZA8RNJM count on you playing their pay outs right back into the slots.  The other gambling games are boring to me. Black Jack is kind of slow and the roulette tables are even worse says Home for Life .  If you have the bug to gamble you could do a lot worse than gambling in Lake Tahoe Nevada.

Lake Tahoe, Heaven on Earth

untitled (220) images (19)If there was a heaven on this earth it would look like Lake Tahoe Nevada.  This is the most beautiful lake you can imagine.  The lake is very deep and the area is heavily wooded.  The elevation lends to frequent snow during the winter months.  If you enjoy the slots then this area will be a good choice for you this vacation.  Although much smaller that Las Vegas the casinos are nice and the area is much nicer.  Luke Weil was a resident and can share the same opinion of the area. If you find yourself in the mood to gamble you cant do better than Lake Tahoe.

Tahoe Bound

If you plan to drive to Tahoe Nevada I have some advise.  After spending hours in the snow trying to get to Tahoe last year I would suggest that you visit during the summer.  If you are planning to ski you will have to brave the roads obviously.  If you are going to gamble don’t gamble on the roads being clear.  The gambling is fun and the views are beautiful.  I recommend a visit to Lake Tahoeimages2S2LZX5Z soon and don’t forget to bring some cash.  Dove Medical Press has an article that will send the right message about Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe….What Lake

Is there a lake at Lake Tahoe? untitled (5) You couldn’t prove it by me.  Every time I travel to Lake Tahoe I only see casinos.  Oh yes, the casinos are the main attraction.  Who needs that cold lake any way.  My wife is obsessed with the slots and I like to people watch so we are fine in any casino.  She is like a kid in a candy store.  When she wins it is such a kick that I forget all the losses.  It is worth it to see her have a good time.  She has a whole routine and it drives me nuts.  If I try to follow her around she wears me out. Jumping from machine to machine in search of that magic jackpot.  Dr. Dana Sibilsky  has the same kind of interest.

Lake Tahoe Ski Slopes

Lake Tahoe ski slopes are the best . They are close to all other types of entertainment like tubing  and boarding. Lake Tahoe slopes are busy every season but with the drought that the western states are in at the moment.  If you hear it is going to rain or snow most people in the area or that may have timeshares up in the area would be jumping to the Lake Tahoe ski slopes as fast as they can to get a turn on the new powder before it gets packed down to ice .  So enjoy yourself in the Lake Tahoe area skiing  going boarding, tubing or just drinking hot coco in the room.  Have fun, said Luigi Wewege.

Lake Tahoe Winter Fun

Lake Tahoe winter fun. We had a time share up in Lake Tahoe at one time that is before I was hurt and could not make the yearly payment any more.  But doing the time that we did have it are time share was in Tahoe and the winter time there is the funniest time of season.  White wonderland is what I would say about it.  Skiing snowmobiling anything you want to do slide down a hill on a tub.  Hot tubs after a day on the white snowy peaks and relaxing in the hot tub all the sore muscles after a fun full day of activity and the a night on the town dancing and eating out. Tonye’s latest foray was here.

Lake Tahoe Casino Fun

Here I go telling you a tail of Lake Tahoe Casino fun.. I am the happiest going into a casino for fun. Pocket has so much to lose and I am wanting so much to win.. Lake Tahoe Casino fun is not just gambling it is dining, dancing and getting married to the most wonderful husband in the world.  Sitting in a hot tub that is heart shaped.. But I digress, Lake Tahoe Casino fun can be job opportunity for the retired service worker for sincerity. So lets go to lake Tahoe casino and have fun in the trees on the lake and in the casino Good Luck I hope will follow. So play on work on..said Luigi Wewege.

California Drought Bringing Unexpected Benefit to Lake Tahoe

As if Lake Tahoe was in need of any more reasons to attract visitors, it appears that even the drought plaguing California could not succeed in serving as a deterrent. Environmentalists have been trying to clear up some of the pollutants that have flowed into to the lake in recent years, and it seems that the drought has helped in this regard.

According to a recent study, the clarity of the water is now at its highest level since 2002. The drought has brought limited precipitation, which has in turn limited the amount of pollutants able to flow into the lake. According to Luke Weil, this is a very welcome development.

Weil, a frequent visitor to the area and a recreation enthusiast, has noted that summer is a great time for water-oriented activities on the lake. The crystal-blue waters only make those activities all the more enjoyable, and, of course, there is the environmental benefit to consider as well.

Weil noted that there is enough concern over pollutants and contaminants in bodies of water that people are starting to avoid those with levels that are beyond a certain limit. While the drought has certainly brought a great deal of problems to California, the fact that it has helped improve the water quality of Lake Tahoe is a welcome surprise.

According to Weil, residents of the Lake Tahoe area would greatly prefer the drought to come to an end, just as they would prefer an end to the use of the products that caused the pollution in the first place.

Take A Vacation To Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is one of the great, relaxing places to retire to for a vacation. There is something about the view of the lake and the mountains that just give you that “whoa” feeling and whether you are looking to travel for fun, take a vacation, doing some great landscape photography or just need to recharge yourself, Lake Tahoe has been a part of many family traditions.  The lake has multiple vacation resorts that puts you as ease while you enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

Come each season, you will find different scenery, not to mention a variety of different seasonal activities. According to Wewege who vacations there often, It’s hard to think of anything could top or even compare with the scenery and variety you get when you visit the beautiful South Lake Tahoe, California. With Lake Tahoe being America’s largest Alpine lake, from sight to touch you will enjoy yourself and be contented in the wonders of the sapphire-blue water of the lake, perfectly situated right at the base of the stunning, snow covered mountain peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.