Dr. Sid Solomon Recounts Taking the Scenic Route to Lake Tahoe

It was many years ago, but Dr. Sid Solomon is still able to recall seeking just about any excuse to take a scenic drive up north on US Highway 1, following the plunging coastline of the Pacific Ocean and driving through the dense canopies created by massive redwood trees along the way. So when some friends suggested a trip up to Lake Tahoe for a long weekend, Dr. Solomon decided to jump at the opportunity to take the time-consuming scenic route on the way there.

According to Dr. Solomon, the scenery along the coastal highway was everything he imagined it would be and more, and the doctor made a few brief stops along the way, including one at Big Sur in which he was able to take a quick nap beneath a redwood tree that seemed to be growing even larger right before his eyes. Of course, the trip to Lake Tahoe took far longer for Dr. Solomon than it did the others, all of whom had long since settled in at the cabin in Lake Tahoe where they would all stay for the weekend.

While those extra hours spent getting there led to quite a bit of playful teasing at Dr. Solomon’s expense, the doctor so thoroughly enjoyed the lengthy route that he has, on occasion, taken the scenic route on subsequent trips to destinations that include Lake Tahoe as well as a number of other points that happen to be north of Los Angeles.

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