Stephen E. Smith Lawsuit Wins The Lake Tahoe Case!

A lawsuit for a pollution violation was put to rest by Mr. Smith of Stephen E. Smith Lawsuit in California. Lake Tahoe annually holds one of the biggest firework shows in the state and it’s a matter ¬†of pollution and environmental health that has been buzzing people’s concerns for years until it was finally taken to court.

The plaintiffs argued the ones responsible for the fireworks were in violation to the federal act over 520 times for at least 4 years. The plaintiffs say they have been littering the lake with used fireworks, but of course, the defendants have firepower of their own besides fireworks.

The defendants have called upon the services of Stephen E Smith Lawsuit who has a high reputation of settling the score. Within a few hours, Smith walked out a successful attorney as the judge ruled in favor of the defendants. No evidence, at least not enough of it, could be found to support the plaintiffs argument.