The Cushing Crossing Season at Lake Tahoe is on the Approach

The rumors began to surface in 2014 Winter Edition of Tahoe Magazine, which is a product of Tahoe Daily Tribune. This magazine is now made available throughout the Truckee and Lake Tahoe Region. Somewhere between the Lake Tahoe`s Winter and Summer comes a lesser known season. This Season is well received for its oddball embracing ski culture, better known as the Pond Skimming Season.

This Season allows the skiers and Snowboarders to fly down a snow covered hill and shoot themselves across the body of water. These bodies can be found all around the Lake Tahoe region during spring. Such events attract wide audiences as watching a skimmer falter and taking a dip is a bit allure. The Spectator’s design and support silly costumes to make the nature of this event even more enjoyable. There are also plenty of other things to do there such as taking live food from the lake and making special Tahoe Sushi and fireworks displays.

The mother of all pond skims is taking place at the Squaw Valley this weekend. Thousands of spectators will attend this Cushing Crossing as every year, and it will be among the most spirited Pond Skims. What makes this event so special is its open to everyone. Almost 50 people are allowed to register every year. Not to mention, Professional Snowboard Jeremy Jones is one of them.

The spring proves to be a bittersweet time for all skiers; Events such as Cushing Crossings makes sure the winter leaves us with a big bang. It`s more like of a Crescendo for the Squaw. This event is considered as a highlight of the year for many people.

As in the words of Director of events, activities and Terrain Parks at Squaw, Kyle Crezee, “It`s unique as far as pond crossings go and it’s certainly one of the longest running pond crossings in the nation”. Crezee has helped organize this event for the past five years. Crezee has also participated in the event for the last 10 years and has encouraged other participants over this time.